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id: 44640
date: 11/7/2005 19:22
refid: 05LIMA4748
origin: Embassy Lima
classification: CONFIDENTIAL
destination: 05SANTIAGO2284
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C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 LIMA 004748
E.O. 12958: DECL: 11/07/2015
B. LIMA 4733
Classified By: D/Polcouns Art Muirhead for Reason 1.4 (B, D)
1. (C) SUMMARY. Former President Fujimori’s surprise arrival
in Santiago over the weekend adds another complex issue to
the strained Peruvian-Chilean bilateral agenda. A Chilean
court quickly acted to detain Fujimori, and the GOP is
sending a high-level delegation to Santiago to argue for
Fujimori’s extradition. The Chilean Embassy Political
Officer (protect) told D/Polcouns that President Lagos,
irritated with the GOP over the maritime border issue, was
not taking calls from President Toledo. The GOC, he added,
was concerned about possible defects in the quality of the
extradition request that will be presented by Peru. END
2. (U) From the moment the story broke the afternoon of 11/6,
Peruvians have raptly followed the media reports about former
President Alberto Fujimori’s arrival and subsequent detention
in Santiago. Lima dailies on 11/7 stressed that Fujimori had
been arrested within 10 hours of his arrival in Chile, and
would be the subject of an extradition process. Press
reports noted Foreign Minister Oscar Maurtua’s statement that
the Appellate Court of Santiago had ordered Fujimori’s arrest
after Peru submitted a diplomatic note requesting the former
President’s preventive detention, and that Fujimori was
prohibited by the Court from leaving Chile. Maurtua also
said that a high-level delegation, including Interior
Minister Romulo Pizarro, Anti-Corruption State’s Attorney
Antonio Maldonado, Police Interpol Director Carlos Medel, and
special legal adviser Javier Ciurliza, was traveling to
Santiago to argue the GOP’s case.
3. (SBU) Initial reports held that Fujimori had traveled from
Japan to Chile in a private plane via a technical stop-over
in Mexico. Some press reporting on 11/7 (including that of
leading daily «El Comercio») alleged that Fujimori’s routing
from Tokyo had been first to Atlanta on a Delta Airlines
flight, then on to Tijuana, Mexico and finally, Santiago.
Embassy DHS Attache has consulted with National
Transportation Center in the U.S. and is examining
immigration records for the period in question — up to now,
no/no information has been located which would substantiate
Fujimori’s having passed through the U.S. on his way to
4. (U) Immediately after the news of his arrival in Santiago,
several hundred Fujimori supporters, many wearing the t-shirt
of his «Si Cumple» (He Keeps His Promises) Party, rallied in
downtown Lima. An evening rally in front of the Chilean
Ambassador’s residence by anti-Fujimori protestors drew about
a hundred participants. Both demonstrations were orderly and
without incident.
5. (C) On 11/7, D/Polcouns discussed Fujimori’s arrival in
Santiago with Chilean Embassy Political Officer
XX. XX said that at least
initially, President Lagos was not taking calls from
President Toledo regarding Fujimori — Lagos was upset about
the GOP’s disregard over the past few weeks for Chilean
interests, especially on the issue of Peru’s unilateral
definition of the starting point for the two countries’
maritime border (Ref B). Lagos had, however, discussed
Fujimori’s arrival in Chile with FM Maurtua. Maurtua had
pushed for Fujimori to be immediately expelled to Peru by the
GOC. When Lagos made it clear this was not an option,
Maurtua had agreed to submit an extradition request.
XX’s opinion was that an extradition case against
Fujimori could spin out over a long period of time and had no
guarantee of success, especially when considering the poor
quality of submissions that Chile had received from Peru in
other extradition cases. (NOTE: Chilean courts rejected
Peruvian extradition requests for publicist Daniel Borobio in
2002, and for newspaper editor Eduardo Calmell del Solar in
2004. END NOTE.)
6. (C) XX said he had met the previous evening with
Fernan Altuve, a former Fujimorista Congressman and expert in
legal affairs who claimed to have been in regular contact
with the former President during his exile in Japan. XX
was impressed with the detailed information that Altuve had
about legal procedures in Chile, leading him to conclude that
Altuve had been involved in planning for Fujimori’s travel to
Chile for some time. XX said it was possible that
Fujimori had entered Chile on his Japanese passport (since no
visa would be required for Japanese citizens), raising
concerns about the possible involvement of the GOJ as an
advocate once extradition proceedings begin to move ahead.
7. (C) COMMENT: The quality of the GOP’s extradition request
to Japan for Fujimori has been repeatedly criticized in the
Peruvian media. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has
been hard-pressed to come up with a «smoking gun» to prove
Fujimori’s involvement in charges of corruption and human
rights violations. Javier Ciurliza, a law professor at the
Catholic University and a member of Peru’s high-level
delegation to Santiago, told Poloff several months ago that
he had been hired by the Foreign Ministry to revise Peru’s
extradition requests to Japan for Fujimori, characterizing
those documents as «deeply flawed.»
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